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From : clirik    Date : 2014-11-12 10:37
Raymond Roller Mill produced by Clirik has many unique features and merits that other Raymond roller mill don’t have. First, the Raymond roller mill has high fineness and when the fineness need to be adjusted, this machine has the ability to alter its own fineness with just a push to the joystick of the machine which has the ability to change the machine fineness and working pace as the production per hour.
30 mesh 425 mesh output makes the machine rather excellent in the field of fine powder manufacturing. This fineness is suitable to all kind of industrial application in the daily production. For example, the cosmetics, chemical powder, pipe line material, construction cement and so on. The powder produced by this machine is suitable to those applications a lot. And more and more field will be exploit in the future.
To make it clear, we have to firstly introduce the general Raymond roller mill. Raymond roller mill, also known as Raymond Grinder or Pendulum Grinder, is designed by Clirik Machinery with japan technology. This kind of Raymond roller mill is more efficient than ball mill in some area, with features of closed circuit for high fine powder devices.
The Raymond roller mill in Clirik has many features that other company don’t have, that’s why our customer choose us as the denoted raymond roller mill supplier.
There is there reasons why the clients choose Clirik. First, Low production cost, high-performance
Overall for the vertical structure, small footprint, systematic, from raw material delivered to the milling and roughing to final packaging, of an independent production system. Second,Good stability, high reliability. Raymond Host transmission device adopts enclosed gear boxes and pulleys, transmission smooth, reliable operation. Third, it’s the perfect uniform high fineness particle size. Electrical system adopts centralized control, milling workshop basic enabling unmanned operation.
At last ,we have to mention about the structure of Raymond roller mill. The structure of the Raymond roller mill(Rammond roller mill) is mainly composed of main unit, analyzer, fan, dischargeing cyclone separator, powder cyclone separator and air duct. Among them, the main unit consists of frame, blow shell, shovel, grinding roller and grinding ring. This special structure make the raymond roller mill has the ability to produce super fine powder with less power consumption and higher efficiency. This high quality product becomes more and more popular nowadays.
Last month, Clirik sold out seven sets of the Raymond roller mill. And this month Clirik has sold out ten sets of the Raymond roller mill already.  

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