What Factors affect Yield of Raymond Mill?

From : clirik    Date : 2014-11-12 10:51

When raymond mill grind ores,it will be affected by many factors,such as finished final size,the hardness of materials,humidity of materials,the composition of materials,viscosity of materials,and other factors. As long as we understand these factors,and making some adjustment to it. we can increase production.

First of all,finished final size,the higher the fineness of the material required,the smaller the yield of raymond mill. If customers have higher fineness demands,they should select the micro powder grinding mill according to their ability and economic strength. the finished final size of micro powder grinding mill from Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co.,Ltd can reach 3000 mesh fineness.

Second,the hardness of materials. It is more difficult to grind the higher hardness materials.We should select the appropriate hardness of materials. so that we can protect our raymond mill from abrasion.

Third,humidity of materials. not too much humidity of materials. If materials contain too much water,it is easy to adhere to raymond mill. and easy to plug in the next feeding process. Eligible material can not be easily separated at equal wind action. reducing ability of raymond mill.

Fourth,viscosity of materials.the larger the material viscosity,the lower the yield,easy adhesion,meanwhile affecting the life of raymond mill.

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