Precautions in the operation of Raymond mill

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Raymond mill, also known as Raymond roller mill, Raymond grinding mill, pulverizer, etc., is one of the essential equipment for non-metallic ores grinding and processing in the powder industry. It is mainly used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, mining, etc. Grinding of mineral materials.

raymond mill

Raymond mills are widely used in the industrial milling industry. In order to reduce the losses caused by improper operation, CLIRIK has summarized some precautions for the operation of Raymond mills, hoping to help you.

Precautions for the operation of Raymond mill:

1. Applicable materials

The Raymond mill is more suitable for grinding some hard ores and minerals, but some fibrous material binders cannot be processed. 

The working principle of the Raymond mill is that between the rotation of the grinding roller and the grinding ring The generated rolling force pulverizes the material. 

Once the ground material contains fibers and some soft and sticky ingredients, it will be bonded into a cake shape and cannot be blown up by the air volume sent by the fan. 

If it cannot enter the analyzer, it will directly affect the Yield.

2. Hardness and humidity of processing materials

The Raymond mill can process various non-flammable ore materials with a hardness below 9.3. When the Raymond mill is screening materials, the conveying is done by the wind. 

If the humidity is too high, it is difficult to grind the ingredients The powder is screened and conveyed, and the mill has strict requirements on humidity. 

Generally, the moisture content of the material should be kept below 6%.

3. Feeding requirements

The feeding particle size of Raymond mill is between 15mm-35mm. Some finer materials can also be processed. If the feeding particle size exceeds the upper limit, it needs to be processed by the crusher in the early stage.

In order to avoid its failure, Raymond mill should pay attention to the correct operation and use in the production process, and the following basic principles need to be observed:

Raymond mill operating guidelines

1. Operation level

No matter how intelligent and advanced the machine is, it still needs to be operated by humans. 

Besides, the operation principle of the pulverizer is not fully automated, and it needs the control of professional staff in the whole process of operation. 

In addition to being able to be in the whole process, the operator must master the correct operation technology of the mill. 

If only a few days of training or the so-called self-taught personnel cannot let him operate alone, otherwise it is very easy An accident occurs.

The obvious disadvantage of letting unskilled personnel operate is that the wear and tear of the machine is too large, and they do not know how to operate to reduce the wear and tear to a lower level. 

Professional training must be given to the operator before operation, and only after he has a thorough understanding of the work site procedures can he be allowed to operate independently.

2. Material selection

Although the pulverizer can process a variety of different materials, it cannot process some specific materials. If those materials are accidentally put in, it is very easy to cause damage to the machine. 

Therefore, the operator of the mill must always pay attention to prohibit the entry of those materials. 

For example, if some metal blocks enter, because the hardness of the metal is too high, the machine cannot be broken, and it will also damage itself, so once it is found, it will be stopped and taken out immediately, otherwise the grinding roller will be damaged.

3. Control moisture

When the mill is in use, it is necessary to strictly control the moisture content of the material. In other words, materials containing a lot of moisture should not be allowed to enter the machine. Because the moisture content of the material is too large, the powder ground by the machine becomes very viscous, which not only fails to achieve the grinding effect but also affects the machine.

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