How to Deal with the Raymond Mill Breakdown

From : clirik    Date : 2014-11-17 10:01
There is some problem in Raymond mill using. It is true machine need routine maintenance and and problem solving by the people.

How to Deal with the Raymond Mill Breakdown
Frequent machine check and tending problem shooting
1. Check the lubrication of the main chamber. If the oil fouls, clean it first, then replace the lubrication with the new lubricating grease. Check if the abrasion of the bearings need replacement.
2. Check the external bolt and fix it up tight.
raymond mill
3. Check the main chamber, check the condition of the coal hammer, it the abrasion is serious, replace it with new one.
4. Check if the padding and machine bolt of the crusher machine is loose. If it is loose, tight it up, if the padding board wears, replace it with new ones.
5. Check if the conjunct bolt of the fan blade is loose or worn seriously. Check if it is loose or need replacement.
6. Check the greasy dirt, and repair the chamber padding.

Now we have learned how to do with the machine. Then we will make talk more about the Raymond mill.

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