What are the Effects of Long-term Lay up Raymond Roller Mill

From : clirik    Date : 2014-10-27 10:45

Raymond mill; Raymond rolller mill:

Our country's northeastern region has now entered the winter, the temperature is already low in many places, because of the weather, many customers have to suspend production for some time. Yesterday, there was a user consult us for asking will Raymond mill/Raymond roller mill have any impact if lay it up for a long-term.

Raymond roller mill

There must be some Influence. Take rust for example, Raymond mill/Raymond roller mill is made ​​of steel, if the long-term is not the case it is easy to rust, which can seriously affect the life of the equipment. Therefore, if a user no longer Raymond roller mill, be sure to do antirust work.

In addition, long-term do not use Raymond mill/Raymond roller mill, the roller does not rotate, a long time may cause scrapped. Therefore, even if the production has not stopped a long time, to ensure that the oil can keep up with the best equipment to start a month, once started 15-20 minutes.

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