Differences Between Traditional and New Raymond Mill

From : clirik    Date : 2014-10-31 09:24

New Raymond mill/Raymond roller mill advantages: 

(1) small covers, very systematic. From the processing of raw materials to transport packaging can be self-contained and then to separate production systems. 
(2) high screening efficiency. Screening efficiency can reach 99%.
(3) wearing parts wear, long life of the machine. Grinding wheel and stick grinding wheel axis of rotation can also be revolution. This reduces wear, make it more durable.
(4) Easy to operation, easy maintenance. Since the new Raymond mill /Raymond roller mill electrical system uses a network of centralized control, unattended operation can be achieved. 
(5) Smooth runs. New Raymond mill/Raymond roller mill will be towed gear from the chamber to the outer chamber hanging, and enhance the work of the stability and durability. 
(6) No clogging. The new Raymond mill/Raymond roller mill bellows duct from horizontal to inclined 30 degrees to the center to ensure its smooth without clogging. 
(7) pollution. Raymond using four new collection system can control the series to collect dry and wet powder, to prevent dust overflow, reducing environmental pollution. 

Traditional Raymond mill/Raymond roller mill drawbacks: 

(1) the product fineness, low production efficiency. 
(2) power consumption, noise, large emission pollution, mechanical failure rate. 
(3) the material prone to clogging. As the traditional host Raymond mill /Raymond roller mill bellows design issues, the material enters the grinding zone larger particles and not enough time comminuted particles are often thrown into the bellows gathered at the tail of the worm box, and continue to extend forward, so too is gradually reducing the amount of wind easy to cause traffic jams, no flour or less flour, affecting production.

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