Why Raymond Mill Principle Axis Will Lock? How to Avoid It?

From : clirik    Date : 2017-12-21 10:13
The most important spare parts of Raymond mill are grinding rollers, grinding rings and principle axis. If there emerge some bugs in grinding rollers and rings, the final powder will be more coarse and the output will get lower. We are all understand that. However what if the principle axis has locked and why it will lock?

Raymond mill

Raymond mill lacking of lubricating oil under working will lead to principle axis locking. If we do not regularly check the machine and do some timely maintenance work, the machine will not work smoothly, ultimately will cause axis locking.

During working times for Raymond mill, there will emerge some greasy filth and dirt. If there were not cleaned up timely, this will lead to bad working condition of principle axis and make it hard work.

Due to the principle axis of Raymond mill is a moving part, the friction will unavoidably appear, long time friction will cause axis locking. Another circumstances, if the gap for principle axis move is too narrow, the principle axis will work hardly and then lead to locking.

If we timely do some maintenance works and change lubricating oil for principle axis and clean up the grease filth and dirt, the axis locking could be avoided to some degree.


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