How to Keep Raymond Mill Working Normally in Snowy Days?

From : clirik    Date : 2017-12-25 10:28
During recent days many countries and regions have entered into snowy days. During cold snowy days, Raymond mill will work in different working conditions compared with sunny days. Well in snowy days how to keep Raymond mill working normally?

Raymond mill

First of all, keep Raymond mill indoor to the greatest extent. Because only suitable temperature will the Raymond mill keep normal working efficiency. If you have to keep Raymond mill outside, before it working you can preheat idle rotation, which could fully give play to its normal working efficiency and effectively increase the working life of Raymond mill.

As for the lubricating oil selection we should pay more attention. Generally speaking, lubricating oil is easily frozen, thus the lubricating oil can not works well, which lead to abnormal working and bearing wearing, shorten the working life of Raymond mill.

Before we enter into snowy days, we should do corresponding maintenance work, through check out the machine. Thus we can keep Raymond mill working normally in cold snowy days without influencing its working efficiency.

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