Five Puzzles in the Future Development of Chinese Stone Crushers and Raymond Mill

From : clirik    Date : 2017-12-18 10:29
According to related data, the competition among stone crusher and Raymond mill manufacturers will getting fierce. Domestic mining equipment has faced up with more opportunities and challenges. In China, stone crusher and Raymond mill are the two main products of mining equipment. Five puzzles will appear in their future development.

Raymond mill

First of all, the merger activity around the world has increased. Outside Chinese market, the top ten world mining equipment manufacturers have taken 85% market share, the whole industry is controlled by minority enterprises.

Secondly, the growth rate for world mining market has sped up rapidly. Among which, Chinese large infrastructure demand is a main promote factor. In recent tears, Chinese market has surpassed North America to become the market that sells most Raymond mill or other mining equipment.

Raymond mill

Thirdly, the lease market has greatly developed. In the UK, the selling volume aiming at lease companies has taken up 75% of the whole selling volume, north America 60%, France and Germany 50% and 40% respectively.

Fourthly, the manufacture and demand of world mining has transferred to China. Many manufacturers have opened factories in China and introduced main spare parts manufacturers. From the world mining industry development trend, whether the manufacturer can provide package of service is very important.

Fifthly, as for domestic mining market, the enterprise has continuously enlarged its capacity, besides the participation of crowds of manufacturers will also add uncertainties. How to avoid market risk and cutthroat competition? All of manufacturers can not overlook.

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