Three Main Factors that Influence the Price of Raymond Mill

From : clirik    Date : 2017-04-11 09:53
Raymond mill is the new type of grinding mill in our company which is suitable for processing various materials. What most concerns us is the price of the Raymond mill, here I have concluded three main factors that influence the price of it.

Among its influence factors, the most important one is the cost of the Raymond mill. Try to think about that the high-cost Raymond mill must have higher selling price. Its cost generally includes two aspects, first is the manufacturing cost, which is relative with the raw materials selection and configuration control of the manufacturers. The second is its human cost. Recently, the science and technology development has not already achieved the complete automation production while the human cost is connected with the region.

The second factor is the relation between supply and demand. It is not difficult to understand the relation between the supply and demand of the Raymond mill, just the same as the common merchandise. For example, if the rose demand increases in the Valentines Day its price will also soars. While as for the Raymond mill, its relation between supply and demand is bond to the regional policies.

Thirdly, the technical parameter and specification of Raymond mill. It is easier to understand that the model determines the price. The model is lager the price is higher. Apart from this, the new type of configuration influences its price, take a example, the Raymond mill has employed the more advanced control system, its structure will be high efficient and save energy and environmental protection.

Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd is a large professional manufacturer of Raymond mill,The Clirik Raymond mill have five models: YGM7815,YGM8314,YGM9517,YGM4121,MTM1600, each model has different price. Want to know more info about its price? Please leave your message in our website. Thank you.


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