How to Choose a Raymond Mill Model that Suits You Most

From : clirik    Date : 2017-04-05 10:08
Many customers will have a question that which kind of model of Raymond mill will be suitable, right now I will introduce you how to choose a Raymond mill model that suits you most.

Firstly, buying a Raymond mill with higher capacity and bigger model than your expectation. Sometimes, we will be given advice to buy a more suitable Raymond mill, but why i will advise you to buy a bigger one? That is because, in the procession of production, we can not avoid to reach the yielding capacity. At that time, some Raymond mill user will add the material adding amount, which will cause huge damage to Raymond mill and will make it over-loaded. Therefore, when we buy Raymond mill we can choose a bigger one, just like buy a pair of shoes, we had better to buy a bigger one.
Secondly, choose a Raymond mill according to the concrete specification and actual capacity. Different Raymond mill manufacturer has different specification parameter. While a same Raymond mill may also have different capacity. When we are looking for the specification parameter of Raymond mill, we will see a capacity range, therefore, we must choose a Raymond mill according to its actual capacity.
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