Refresh Your Raymond Mill-the Daily Maintenance

From : clirik    Date : 2017-03-22 09:37
Machine just like our skin needs our utmost solicitude. The daily cleaning work,oil and spare parts maintenance and upgrading,all of these work that can make it work more efficiently and longer should not be ignored.Today I would like to introduce you the methods of refreshing your raymond mill in detail.
high pressure grinding mill
1, Cleaning up equipment: After long hours work mill machine is easy to stack dirt.In the process of cleaning up we cannot use water gun with high-temperature and high- pressure to swash, especially the electrical parts cannot be washed with water, in order to avoid burning out of electrical machine.
2, The selection and upgrading of the oil: We need to pay attention to the nature of the fuel oil. Usually, we choose diesel oil.What needs to be noted is that we cannot use the diesel oil with its freezing point above the environment temperature but generally choose with freezing point 5 degrees lower than the environment temperature, such as- 10 #, - 20 #, and - 35 # diesel oil.When cleaning up we should ensure the fuel system get thoroughly cleaning, at the same time, check whether the oil transfer pump is normal so as to eliminate the failures.Cleaning fuel system aims to make fuel oil follow the equipment operation when it get started.As for the upgrading of lubricating oil or grease, we need to pay attention to the use of lubricating oil by equipment according to oil quantity and then determine whether it need to be replaced.
3, Spare parts maintenance:Each part of grinding mill will have its own temperature according to the different work content in the process of operation.We should avoid the mud depositing in the cooling system tank. When found mud we need to timely remove it.The water temperature of the tank should not be too high or too low and antifreeze need to be added in the tank.

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