Raymond Mill Operation Specification(c)

From : clirik    Date : 2015-01-22 08:41
In recent years, more and more customers to buy Raymond mill to hit material, such as talc, barite, calcite, limestone, manganese ore, chrome ore, quartz, gypsum, bentonite and the like. In the course will inevitably encounter this or that problem, such as the roller does not rotate, grinding ring loose, uneven feed and feed and less, which is why? Today, on these issues, Clirik will help you to learn YGM Raymond mill lubrication and maintenance and the use of standardized hanging roller mill.
YGM Raymond mill lubrication
The unit is dusty work environment, poor working conditions of the machine, in order to ensure the normal operation and service life of the machine must be lubricated as required lubrication table. Host gear, hoist gear box and blowers are used lubricating oil. When the new machine using the machine's rotating parts and gears running-in, there will be some iron, granules fall, in order to avoid excessive wear of the machine, you should change the oil once a week in the boot, according to the period after the change table lubrication oil. After each oil change should put the old oil clean, clean the inside with kerosene or diesel fuel, after cleaning the oil drained, and then injected into the oil. Also note that the level of the oil level, the host gearbox oil midline subject to oil level, oil level should be between the two blowers reticle oil needle. Too little machine lubrication oil shortage, excessive power consumption is increased, the machine can overheat, there may be oil spills, grading machine bearing grease once per shift.
Host gear is mounted by its internal screw pump lubrication, their direction of rotation can not be wrong, turn upside down the pump no effect, oil-lubricated bearings.
Lubricating oil should be filtered, grease fittings to be clean, in order to avoid the sediment into the refueling.
Roller assembly working conditions are particularly bad, you should ensure that the bearing lubrication, and should be cleaned regularly.
If you encounter any problems when using Raymond mill, please feel free to contact us, we will send a professional engineer to help you out. Please contact our online customer service or call 0086-21-20236178 or send email to for more details.

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