Raymond Mill Operation Specification(b)

From : clirik    Date : 2015-01-20 10:09
In recent years, more and more customers to buy Raymond mill to hit material, such as talc, barite, calcite, limestone, manganese ore, chrome ore, quartz, gypsum, bentonite and the like. In the course will inevitably encounter this or that problem, such as the roller does not rotate, grinding ring loose, uneven feed and feed and less, which is why? Today, on these issues, Clirik take you to learn YGM Raymond mill continues to run using the specification precautions.

YGM Raymond mill running notes
(1), because the machine is the use of the roller, impact and abrasive grinding ring between the friction material crushing leaving, so the machine running vibration and noise are larger, but the sound is uniform, there should be no abnormal sound, If it is found abnormal sound or a sudden increase in the current host for a long time but do not fall down, you should immediately stop checking.
(2), feed size should be uniform, the speed should be appropriate, too slow to reduce production, excessive wind tunnel will be blocked, the machine does not work, and even cause accidents. Feed rate of speed according to the host of the motor current to regulate movements.
(3), enter the host abrasive materials should be massive, such as powdered or block infiltration has more powder production mill will reduce.
(4), grading machine motor speed by frequency converter, adjust its controller knob, you can get different analysis engine speed, the user should select the appropriate size of finished material analysis engine speed, the higher the speed of the analysis machine, grind the finer the granularity of finished materials.
(5), frequently check the bearings, heating, beyond 600 ℃ or unusual noise should stop to check.
(6), the newly installed unit should do first experimental test machine to canonical installation and reliability checks, empty machine test machine should not be more than two minutes, stop to check the flexibility of the various parts of rotation, with or without overheating bolts are loose, the host vibration is too large, you can feed a good tune after the trial production, one hour after the stop to check the above items, if there is no problem you can turn normal production.

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