It is important to install Raymond Roller Mill Correctly

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Raymond roller mill can grind raw materials into the 30-400 mesh powder. As a traditional grinding mill for more than 100 years, Raymond roller mill can be used in the producing and manufacturing of mineral ore powder, new building materials including the cement mixing material, brick making and high level material filling. Raymond roller mill has been proved to have a high efficiency. It can be also called Raymond grinder, Raymond grinding mill, Raymond pulverizer and Raymond mill. Each device has its own correct methods of installation and debugging, if you pay attention to the detailed questions, then the service life of the equipment will relatively longer and the normal operation time will be longer.
Preparation before Raymond roller mill Installation
l. The Raymond roller mill shall be stored and protected well before it is transported to the site for installation. The surface exposing to the air shall be coated with the rustproof grease in order to resist the weather condition and prevent rusting of the machine from water penetration. A maintenance system shall be established.
2. According to tile dimensions shown in the installation Diagram, The workshop and foundation must have enough height and suitable installation position. The foundation of the Raymond roller mill shall be constructed with the high-grade cement and redirecting steel bars. The wiring pipes and cable ditches must be well prepared in advance. When the concrete foundation is completed, 15 days is required for maintenance period.
3. A lifting facility with the capacity of 5-6 tons must be equipped for repairs and maintenance.
4. If the Raymond roller mill has been operated for over six months since it was bought from the manufacturer, the central shaft system of the main frame, transmission device grinding rollers, and the oil tank of the classifier, etc. must be cleaned and examined. After completion of cleaning and checking, these components shall be lubricated sufficiently.
Installation of Raymond roller mill
l. Firstly, the bottom base of the transmission device is craned into the installation pit, and then the pit is filled and leveled. Pay attention to keeping a suitable height and then adjust the upper plane B with a level gauge. Meanwhile put the foundation bolts in the performed openings.
2. Installation of the main fame. Before installation, the shock roof rubber pads (there is drawings for your reference from Raymond roller mill manufacturer) shall be placed at the bottom plane of the bottom case contacting the concrete foundation and between the connections of foundation bolts.Then adjust the A plane of the bottom case with a frame level gauge. The adjustment points are the four points on the cross lines. Meanwhile regulate the two half-clutches of M and N with their axial difference less than 0.20 mm; the non-parallel degree between B-C shall not exceed 0.10mm;and the gap between B and C shall be kept within3-4mm.
3. The piping system shall be installed with its location and height in conformity with the Master Drawing. Any random change of its location and height is prohibited. All the pipe connections must be sealed well and after fixing no air leakage is permitted. The electrical device must be correct and reliable. A trial operation must be carried out after installation of all the parts.
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