Raymond Mill Operation Specification(a)

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In recent years, more and more customers buy Raymond mill to process material, such as talc, barite, calcite, limestone, manganese ore, chrome ore, quartz, gypsum, bentonite and the like. In the course will inevitably encounter this or that problem, such as the roller does not rotate, grinding ring loose, uneven feed and feed and less, which is why? Today, on these issues, Clirik take you to look YGM Raymond mill use.
YGM Raymond mill Instructions
1, Before the start of the preparatory work:
(1) must be checked before starting the following:
Whether the request is consistent with the supply voltage, the voltage is below 360 volts are not allowed to boot. Check the electrical circuit meets the requirements of the drawings.
(2), check the coupling bolts, screws are tight peg, especially within the host each coupling bolts, tighten the clamp screw applications.
(3), check the drive belt tension is proper hand motor pulley rotates the host, the host should be flexible rotation, and open the door to check the roller rotation is flexible.
(4), check the blower inlet pipe regulating valve handle is in the "off" position.
(5), to check the tightness of the chain hoist is appropriate.
(6), according to the lubrication table provides lubrication for each refueling point and check whether there is leakage around.
(7), according to the material properties of adjustable jaw crusher discharge opening size, maximum of not more than 20 mm.
(8), check the motor rotation is correct:
      (a), the host motor rotation direction to ensure that the host central axis as viewed from the top clockwise;
      (b), the direction of rotation of the turbine classifier: To ensure that the classifier (vertical) motor from the fan side looking down the rotation is clockwise;
      (c), the direction of the blower: the end as viewed from the blower pulley counterclockwise rotation.
(9) Check cabinet: shaking during transport, the manufacturers are afraid to break something current relay contacts, so the factory bundled with a white line is good, shall release the white line before turning switch is otherwise not afford to fight "automatic".
2, YGM Raymond mill start:
You must start the following steps:
(1), starting hoist.
(2), starting the crusher, to add after the start finish material crushing, so there is a certain material hopper reserves.
(3), starting grader, according to the desired product fineness speed.
(4), starting the blower, finished after starting to open the inlet pipe valve.
(5), start the host, for the roller, grinding ring but more wear and avoid excessive vibration machine, the host idle time not too long that no more than two minutes. In order not to host starting load is too large, not allowed to have too much starting material within the host.
(6), starting electromagnetic vibrating feeder, and the amplitude adjusted as required.
3, YGM Raymond mill downtime:
Downtime must be conducted in the following order:
(1), stop feeding the crusher, to be closed crusher crushing cavity emptied.
(2), the material inside the hoist to be switched off after emptying hoist.
(3) will be adjusted to the minimum amplitude electromagnetic vibrating feeder, turn off the feeder.
(4), do not stop immediately the host, the host material in the mill to be finished (about one minute) to turn off the motor host, the host material within emptying help shorten the time to the next host of the motor starter, to extend the life of the motor.
(5), half a minute after the host shut down the blower and pull the valve inlet pipe to the "off" position.
(6), will analyze machine motor inverter to zero position, turn off the analyzer.

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