Why Raymond Mill Bearing Temperature is too High

From : clirik    Date : 2014-11-19 08:25
When operating Raymond mill, inevitably, unexpect problems arise. For example, the problem of bearing temperature over high offen occurs. But what are the reasons of it, and how to solve the trouble.

Reasons of high temperature of bearing:
1. Overloaded.
2. Main unit, classifier bearing s are not well lubricated.
3. The deflection of rollers, vibration, and abnormal sound occured.
4. Bearing installation error

After knowing the causes of Raymond mill bearing over high temperature, the next thing is try to find out how to solve the problem. Here Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd. technician will show you how to resolve it:
First, reduce feeding amount, keep the input and output be balanced against each other;
Second, fill oil timely;
Third, open the machine to check if rolles and shafts are seriously worn out; repalce spare parts according to the situation;
Last, re-install main unit, adjust the bearing gap to ensure proper bearing load.

If you have done the four methods, the Raymond mill over temperature may be settled. But if the problem continues, please feel free to contact us. Our company provide perfect after-sale services. Consult hot-line: 86-021-20236178.

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