Difference Between Raymond Mill And Ball Mill

From : clirik    Date : 2017-01-17 08:25
As we all know, both Raymond mill and ball mill are the mining equipment which is used in the mining industry. However, as two size different grinding mill, there is also some difference. Clirik had summarized some difference and will share these points with you.

Raymond mill is one of the vertical grinding mill, the materials will be grinded repeatedly before the finish powder appears. So the efficiency of Raymond mill is higher than other grinding equipment.

As for the ball mill, it is one of the horizontal grinding mill, is always divided into two types, dry ball mill and wet ball mill, dry mill is used in cement, ceramics, refractoriness and other industries; but the wet ball mill is widely used in the field of dressing.

Raymond mill
And the price of Raymond mill and ball mill is different too. In generally speaking, the price of a ball mill is higher than Raymond mill. Sure, according to the different situations, there will be some difference.

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