Methods to Increase The Capacity of Raymond Mill

From : clirik    Date : 2016-11-15 08:08
There are many problems in the Raymond mill grinding process, but some problems can be solved by the simple operation of the user, such as the production of Raymond mill can be increased by the users. There are many factors could cause production problems of Raymond mill, and there are six main aspects:

1. Hyoplastron in machine of locking is closed lax

2. The wear of the grinding roller and grinding ring in the machine will lead to not being grinded enough of the materials.

3. The lack of the wind in the Raymond mill processing system will lead to the fineness of the finished product too fine, so that reducing the capacity

4. Because of the materials in the Raymond mill contains large amounts of water, so that it occur the phenomenon of materials be blocked.

Raymond mill

5.Material hardness is too large,so grinding material time becomes long

6. The users have a high requirement for the fineness of finished product, and it causes the reduce of the extraction rate

According to the six conditions as described above, the user can take the corresponding measures to improve the capacity of Raymond mill. For example: Close the tongue plate, replace the components of the machine in time, adjust wind rate system, grinding after materials is fully dried, choose the suitable materials for the machine, make grinding fineness in the range of Raymond mill. Shanghai Clirik Machinery CO.Ltd can provide the superfine grinding mill for the users who have special requirements on grinding fineness. Welcome to visit our factory.

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