How to Use Raymond Mill Safely

From : clirik    Date : 2016-12-01 13:20
Raymond mill is a common mine milling equipment, and is widely used in many fields, so when the machine is working, what should we pay attention to?

Raymond mill is usually in a quiescent state before it be turned up, so we should turn up the machine follow the order, the turn is: firstly we should open the elevator, and then followed by start crushing chamber, analysis machine, blower and host, and finally start the feeder, and then add the material. But when we close the Raymond mill is the time that easy to appear problems, so the staff must pay attention to the last step. Firstly, before the machine is turned off stop to feed the materials to the Raymond mill, we close the machine when all the materials are grinded completely, this step will cost us one minute.

Raymond mill
Because it will appear a large number of powder during the processing of Raymond mill, so we should close the air blower after the remain powder is cleaned up. The last be turned off in the euipment is the classifier, after all the fittings closed, and then, we could close the classifier.

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