The Common Problems We Will Meet When We Use The Raymond Mill

From : clirik    Date : 2017-01-03 08:50
When we are mentioning the Raymond mill, I believe that all the people who are in the mining industry will be familiar with the machine. But as a common grinding machine, it will appear some problems when we are using the Raymond mill. What should we do, if we meet the problems? Clirik will share some good methods with you.

Question 1: the host of Raymond mill have a large noise and vibration
Reason: the feed volume is small. And there is a serious wear and tear in blade, so that the blade cannot afford the materials. Or there is a high hardness material in the grinding mill, but there is no material layer. Or there is a serious deformation in the grinding roller and grinding ring.
Remedy: adjust the feeding volume, replace a new blade. Change the size of feed particle. Replace the roller, grinding ring in time.

Question 2: finished powder is too large, or too small
Reason: the serious wear of blade in analysis machine, can not afford to classify. Or, there is no suitable wind in draught fan.
Remedy: Replace the blade, and if the powder is too large we can turn down the draught fan, if the powder is too small, we can solve the problem by turning up the draught fan.

Raymond mill
Question 3: the vibration of fan or the bearing damage of Raymond mill
Reason: there is some powder be left or some wear in the fan. And the anchor bolts are loose. Or lack of oil, or seal damage. The lack of maintenance and cleaning in a long time.
Remedy: Remove leaf dust or replace leaves. Tighten the anchor bolts. According to the provisions time to refuel. Clean the machine regularly, replace the oil seal.

If you meet these problems when you are using the Raymond mill. Please do not worry about it, maybe you can solve the problems by yourself.

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