Can Raise the Raymond Mill Speed Improve Productivity

From : clirik    Date : 2014-07-18 08:44
We know, for Raymond mill, the greater the speed of the host, the faster processing capacity. So some believe that increase the device speed can improve productivity. But is it true for the Raymond mill
It can indeed increase productivity and production by properly increasing the speed of host, but it will bring another problem. That is cause abrasive effect reduce. For example, you need 100 mesh material, when the speed increased it may not reach the target of 100 mesh. 
To improve production efficiency Raymond mill, there are other ways, such as controlling the feed size, regular replacement of worn parts, etc., which can achieve the desired effect. It is not necessarily have to increase the speed of the device. 
What need reminds is that users would better adjust the machine by themselves after Raymond mill had been installed, or else it may affect the normal production. If you need to adjust the equipment, you can call 0086-21-58974855 for consultation, 
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