Don’t be Blind Transform Raymond Mill

From : clirik    Date : 2014-07-17 10:31
    In order to improve the efficiency of Raymond mill, many people will make some minor transform the equipment, which is of course possible. But it is important to note that before transforming the equipment, you’d better to ask some advice from the Raymond mill manufacturers if it is feasible. Don’t be blind transform Raymond Mill.
    For example, before long we encountered such a client, his Raymond mill has been bought for several years. Due to the recent incumbent plant, and therefore put the equipment to the demolition. When re-installation of Raymond mill , he discovery that the Raymond mill is higher than the roof, so he think of cutting the top of the pipe. 
    Unexpectedly, when back to work, a serious phenomenon of returning material occurred, which seriously affected the efficiency of the device. After a subsequent communication with us, our users replaced a new pipeline to solve this problem. 
    Therefore, users usually do not blindly transform at will for Raymond mill, if really necessary, then should get in touch with the Raymond mill manufacturers technical staff to confirmed that there is no problem in the case to further reform, so as not to affect the normal production.

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