What is the Reasons of Low Production of Raymond Mill

From : clirik    Date : 2014-07-19 08:33
In fact, we have already pointed out more than once in this issue, but there are many users will encounter this problem of Raymond Mill powder machine. The reason which causes low yield  not just the issue of equipment, but often because the user did not follow the requirements of the operation or process material does not meet the standards. 
 For example, Raymond mill is suitable for processing small hardness, brittleness relatively high materials, such as limestone, kaolin, gypsum, etc., the processing of these materials, whether fineness or yields are suitable. But some users are using the Raymond mill to process a lot of hardness materials such as marble, of course the production is not high. 
The other problem is pursuit of flour fineness, we know fine powder is more valuable than than coarse powder, so some users over pursuit fineness. They try their best to reach the purpose of processing 1000mesh with Raymond mill. Raymond mill processed more than 325 mesh material is very difficult, and the lower fineness the higher production. 
Therefore,if Raymond mill production is low, first look at the material processing meets their own standards or not, as well as whether to operate the device in accordance with the operating rules, if not, then go to accessories such as considering whether it is worn or other circumstances.
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