The decisive factors influencing raymond roller mill capacity

From : clirik    Date : 2013-12-17 11:31
YGM series Raymond roller mill is called High Pressure Suspension Raymond Grinding Mill,Raymond pulverizer mill,raymond mill ,raymond grinding machinery and so on,raymond roller mill
is the common industrial powder making equipment, which is applied in mining, construction, chemical industry and metallurgical industries for about 280 kinds of material processing from non-inflammable and non-explosive materials with Moh's hardness no more than 7 and moisture bellow 6% such as barite, calcite, feldspar, talc, marble, limestone, ceramics, and glass. The finished particle size is adjustable between 30 to 425 meshes. On the basis of operating principle and work practice of raymond roller mill, we find that the main factors influencing capacity are as follows:
1. The hardness of material
The harder of material, the more difficult raymond roller mill works and the worse equipment suffers. The low speed of raymond roller mill results in the less capacity. We suggest customers in the common operation that they should use it strictly according to the operation instructions of raymond mill. Do not use such product to crush hard materials that beyond its capacity, which is one of the most fundamental points for daily use and maintenance.
2. The moisture of material
The larger content of water will make the material stick to the inner surface of raymond roller mill and result in blocks in the transportation of material, thus reducing the capacity of raymond mill.
3. The fineness of finished material
The high requirement of fineness determines the thinner of finished material and smaller capacity of raymond mill. If the customers have higher fine requirements of material, other equipments can be added according to its production capacity and economical power, such as SCM series of S super-fine mill, which enjoys wide particle size of finished material with the thinnest of 3500 mesh.
4. The composition of material
The larger content of fine powder in the material will make more influence on the grinding. Because such fine powder is prone to adherence and will influence transportation. On this condition, we will suggest our customers screen the material by the vibrating screen before the powder making process.
5. The viscosity of material
The larger the viscosity is, the easier adherence occurs.
6. The better wearability the parts of raymond roller mill enjoy, the larger capacity raymond roller mill enjoys. If the parts are not wearable, the capacity will be influenced.
Above all, there are many factors influencing raymond roller mill capacity, which needs constant summary and avoidance. There is some technical factor of equipment itself, which should be judged by customers themselves and chosen rightly and reasonably.
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