Preparations before Installing Raymond mill

From : clirik    Date : 2014-07-08 09:13


1.Before installing Raymond mill/Raymond roller mill, it should be protect well. The exposed surface need to coated with anti-rust oil and to avoid both sun and rain in order to prevent rust and water into. It should establish a maintenance system.
2.According to the drawing size of Raymond mill/Raymond roller mill installation, workshop and base should have enough height and exact installation location. The base of Raymond mill /Raymond roller mill should adopt high standard cement and cannot cast-in-place based without steel bar. Then threading pipe or cable dusts should be buried. There are 15 days maintenance after all above have done. 
3.It should be equipped with 2-3t lifting gear for Raymond mill/Raymond roller mill installation and maintenance.
4. Raymond mill/Raymond roller mill from the factory to use for more than six months, the host central axis system, transmission device, roller device, analysis the oil pool, etc. shall be cleaned. After cleaning and checking for the parts, it should add enough lubricating oil.
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