How to process bauxite by YGM high-pressure grinding mill?

From : clirik    Date : 2013-12-17 10:30
The main component of bauxite is alumina. In the industrial production, bauxite is usually processed to be 30-425 mesh by YGM high-pressure grinding mill( high-pressure raymond mill), mainly applied in aluminum smelting and refractory material production.
The Bauxite in China is mainly applied in the production of refractory material. Therefore, which kind of mill is suitable to process bauxite? What abouthigh-pressure grinding mill? Many customers adopted Raymond mill to grind bauxite before, however, the effect of production is not good and the finished product cannot reach the requirements of fineness and capacity. The appearance ofhigh-pressure grinding mill has successfully solved the problem.
High-pressure grinding mill mainly consists of main engine, fineness classifier, blower, finished product cyclone powder collector, bag dust collector as well as connection pipes. According to customers’ requirements, auxiliary equipments such as crusher, hoisting machine, stocking hopper, electronic-magnetic vibrating feeder and electric control cabinet are prone to be selected.
In the main engine ofhigh-pressure grinding mill, the grinding roll assembly hangs on the hanger by the cross shaft. The hanger fixes together with the main shaft and the shovel stand. The pressure spring presses on the end outside the cantilever from the grinding roll bearing room. The grinding roll is forced to be pressed on the surface of inner circle of grinding ring by the fulcrum of cross shaft. When the motor drives the main shaft to rotate by the transmission device, the shovel on the stand and grinding roll rotate synchronously while the grinding roll rotates by itself in the inner circle of grinding ring. The motor drives the classifier by the commission device. The faster the impeller rotates, the finer the powder comes out.
In the production, the bauxite is sent tohigh-pressure grinding mill for grinding after crushed. Due to the pressure spring on top of thehigh-pressure grinding mill, the fineness and capacity of discharging material is well guaranteed. Generally speaking, the capacity for processing bauxite into about 300 meshes is nearly 5t/h.
Above all,high-pressure raymond grinding mill enjoy great advantages in processing bauxite, which can guarantee higher production efficiency and product quality.If you want to know the high pressure raymond mill price or have any questions about high-pressure raymond grinding mill, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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