Snake-like Robot Used for Disaster Rescue

From : clirik    Date : 2014-11-07 13:40
Innovation is the soul of national progress and the driving force for country's development. Whatever personal or industries, especially mining industry. Nowdays, humans focus more on environmental protection, which result in big challenge towards traditional Ramond mill/Raymond roller mill. So our company lays emphasis on Raymond mill/Raymond roller mill innovation.
As People's Daily online on November 6. Recently, the University of Waikato graduate of Chinese student Jin Pinwei, try the transformation of mechanical snake with his creation of such a possibility for first time rescue.
Snake-like robot into rubble and rescue work in technology, have been able to use in many countries. But so far the market will be around mechanical snake shaking its head in motion picture camera mounted on a captured smuggler will therefore be limited. Recently, a student at Waikato University engineering graduate student of Chinese descent Viagra gold products by reprogramming the system, breaking such limitations. "I made some amendments snakeheads part, so that the head is always look to the future. If we put the snake in the future to go inside some houses collapsed when the observations can also be good to his image, of course, better able to detect the number of routes is running. "
Jin Pinwei said, the whole program is still in its infancy, after the transformation of his snake-like robot can only be done before meandering line on a smooth surface, but do not stop there throughout the study. "Snake because there are eight joints, each joint can be left and the down movement, so he is a very high degree of freedom, in theory it can have a lot of different sports, it can be a lot of movement in complex environments. Next we used in the manufacture of another robot is kind of caterpillar-like movement that can go up and down up and down forward or backward. "
23-year-old Jin Pinwei will graduate this year, and his snake-like robot program will continue. Whatsoever industy needs innovation. Without innovation, the society will stop progress. Like our Raymond mill, our technician try their best to create new type to save energy. Does you want to know more about Raymond mill/Raymond roller mill, please feel free to contact me. 
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