How to Reduce Raymond Mill Operating Cost

From : clirik    Date : 2014-11-05 14:48
During the production of Raymond mill/Raymond roller mill, users usually need to have running costs, labor costs and other equipment, labor costs in various regions is essentially constant, so many users wanted to be able to reduce operating costs Raymond mill. This is not just users consider things, but also we have been in the factory to resolve the matter.
In order to be able to effectively reduce operating costs Raymond mill/Raymond roller mill, Shanghai Clirik newly developed a new type of engine oil assembly, which is made using modern advanced technology, energy efficient, using a variety of seals, can effectively solve the previous assembly appears vibration, wear and tear caused by oil spills, solve problems and frequent bearing damage.
The new oil assembly biggest advantage is the ability to save oil, because it's a good seal, leakage does not occur, there will be no lead dust into the lubricating oil muddy, so no group plus one oil, one week about adding a lubricant can be.
In addition, Raymond mill/Raymond roller mill bearing the phenomenon does not occur in oil, the general assembly of the new oil bearing replaced every eight months or so will be able to greatly reduce the frequency of replacement of the bearing.

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