What are the Impacts of Material over Humidity

From : clirik    Date : 2014-12-24 09:25
Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd. Raymond mill is mainly applied to process all kinde of stones which hardness are lower than 9.3 mohs and humidity below 6%. The finished fineness size is range from 30-425 mesh. Raymond mill belongs the kind of wind separator, which demand high moisture content of materials. So what are the impacts if materials are over humidity?
Material moisture content  directly affects the yield and fineness, which may cause a lot of material adhered to the parts of equipment so that the grinding roller and ring buffer layer formed on the surface, greatly reducing the efficiency of the device, thus encountered such a situation, we must promptly take the right approach to solve, to avoid affecting the normal operation of the equipment. To maintain the grinding material dryness, Raymond would be the best way to improve the yield. Will reduce the work efficiency of the equipment, but will also cause a lot of material deposited powder discharge port device, causing the device to plug the discharge port, causing the device to crash, but also lead to serious major security incidents.
For the above material humidity is too large to bring a series of hazards, CLIRIK engineers we provide measures to solve this problem.
1, for the water content of the material, the most primitive way is to perform drying, the material can be spread on the ground, through the natural heat and drying, the material water evaporation, which play a role in drying. If you are even on cloudy days or in the winter, you can not pass on the first approach is dried, it must use the second drying method;
2, the use of dryer equipment for drying materials, Raymond optional equipment inside the dryer drum, by feeding the material into the drum machine, by means of the heat energy generated by combustion, and then lead fans of the material is introduced into the drum drying, this method is not affected by the weather and the season, and the drying effect is very good, for the use of some ultra-fine powder processing plant.
In view of the above two drying methods, the Raymond mill materials for the exclusion of moisture, to achieve the requirements of the Raymond mill to increase production. If any questions of Raymond mill, Please feel free to contact me.

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