How to Make Sure Raymond Mill Efficiency

From : clirik    Date : 2014-11-24 08:54
The same equipment because of the use of different ways, it may cause varying degrees of energy waste, so that the high cost of high energy consumption and reach the intended economic benefits. So does our Raymond mill. In order to solve this problem, you have to find out the reasons. Now Clirik summarize the following points for everyone:
First, pay attention to purchasing:
1, should be equipped with 2 to 3 tons lifting tools for installation and maintenance with Raymond.
2, plant and infrastructure should be installed according to Raymond mill base map size sufficient height and installation location, Raymond basis should be high-standard cement and must be buried before being poured reinforced base and to be buried conduit or cable channel . After pouring the cement foundation, there must be a 15-day warranty.
3, Raymond mill runs the site is not yet installed, should be properly safeguarded, exposed surfaces are coated with anti-rust oil, and avoid the sun and rain, to prevent rusting water body, to establish a maintenance system.
4, Raymond mill from the factory to use for longer than six months, the central axis of the host system, transmission, roller device, analysis of oil pools should be cleaned inspection, cleaning After checking the various components respond add enough oil.
Second, pay ateention to opterating:
1, accumulate in the material deformation energy due to the rapid release and smash particles, can not be recovered.
2, the material subjected to impact. No toughness of brittle materials, the ability to withstand the impact of poor, easily crushed under the effect of impact.
3, Raymond mill for grinding media is biased. Thus producing movement. Grinding the material through the media is biased, so that the material crushed. At this time, regardless of whether the energy of its grinding media obtained for crushing, ball mill grinding is always to spend energy to the media campaign, most of the energy consumed in each collision grinding media.
4, the deformation can cause rapid release of particulate debris and fragments splash, generating noise. This loss of kinetic energy of the sound energy may be up to 45% of the total energy input.
Only all above have been done, can make sure the devices efficiency. Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd. suggest customers should contact factory if some problems occurred, please do not transform it by yourselves. Any questions of Raymond mill will be highly regard.

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