What are the advantages of the environmentally friendly Raymond mill?

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Raymond mill is also called Raymond roller mill or Raymond grinding mill. This equipment is a more commonly used mill equipment. The whole machine adopts a vertical structure and has a small footprint. With high degree of automation and relatively simple and convenient operation, it is deeply loved by users. As everyone pays more attention to environmental protection, many traditional pulverizers that are more polluting have been banned. Now the environmentally friendly Raymond mills are on the market. What are the structural aspects of the environmentally friendly Raymond pulverizers? Advantages? Is it worth our investment and use?
Environment Friendly
After years of practice and continuous improvement, the Raymond mill has become more and more perfect in structure. Under the same power, the output of Raymond mill is much higher than that of ordinary mills. The new Raymond mill adopts an overlapping sealed grinding design, which has good sealing performance, greatly reduces pollution emissions, and is fully in line with green and environmentally friendly production. As an important equipment in many milling production lines, Raymond Mill can be said to conform to market development, with broad development prospects and innovative design concepts. Stable work, high efficiency, low power consumption, environmental protection and high efficiency, suitable for starting production, the equipment itself is intelligently designed, and the advantages are obvious.
The materials processed by the Raymond mill are also very versatile. For example, calcite, after being ground into powder, is widely used in daily chemical industries such as floor tiles, rubber, plastics, paper, coatings, paints, textiles, toothpaste, etc. When calcite powder is used as a filler, it can increase the volume of the product and reduce the production cost. With the development of the times, the demand for calcite powder is also increasing. It can be seen that the prospect of investing in environmentally friendly Raymond mills can be said to be very broad.

environmentally friendly Raymond mill
Environmentally friendly Raymond mill

How does the environmentally friendly Raymond mill solve the dust problem?

Raymond mill is a commonly used milling equipment in milling production lines. As a pulverizing equipment, a large amount of dust will be generated during the production process. The amount of dust in the production operation of the pulverizing equipment is particularly important, which directly affects the working environment and the health of the operators. Therefore, the Raymond mill production line requires staff to wear masks and dust-proof tools during the milling process.
According to the above situation, CLIRIK environmentally friendly Raymond mill has made the following improvements:

1. The choice of the dust collector of Raymond mill

The general equipment is equipped with ordinary bag dust collector, which is a simple dust collector. The Raymond mill will generate a large amount of dust within ten seconds after it is turned on. According to this feature, the environmentally friendly Raymond mill is equipped with a pulse dust collector. The dust removal effect of the pulse dust collector is dozens of times that of the ordinary dust collector, and it can purify and discharge the excess dust from the Raymond mill.

2. The dust at the feed inlet of the Raymond mill

Under normal circumstances, it is caused by the failure to adjust the wind pressure of the Raymond mill. The environmentally friendly Raymond mill solves the problem of dust at the inlet by adjusting the positive and negative pressure of the air inlet and exhaust air volume of the fan.

3. Dust treatment in the production of Raymond mills

This problem is solved by equipping the pulse dust collector to collect all the discharged dust points one by one to meet the environmental protection requirements.
Nowadays, green production has become the goal of mining machinery development. The use of environmentally friendly Raymond mills not only solves the problem of dust pollution, but also improves production efficiency because the dust collection method is more reasonable.
Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd. focuses on the field of mine grinding. In addition to the environmentally friendly Raymond mill, we also produce a variety of environmentally friendly ultra-fine grinding equipment for processing 30-3000 mesh ore. Welcome to online consultation.

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