The Advantages and Disadvantages of Raymond Mill

From : clirik    Date : 2014-07-07 15:30

raymond mill

Raymond mill is one of the widest used and rapidest grinding equipment in powder processing industry. Since the early 1960s in China, Raymond mill enterprises rapidly rise and throughout all over the country.


1.wide scope of application
2.simple structure,convenient operation,
3.easy to maintenance
4.low cost
However, with the rapid development of economy of our country in recent years, the rapid rise of the emerging industries, the shortcomings and inadequacies of Raymond mill also increasingly exposed.


1. low fineness
The traditional Raymond mill production of powder particle size typically below 400 mesh. New materials for powder product requirements more stringent, below 400 mesh powder products can not reach the requirements of the new material research and development. Also its application range is very limited, on the market for more than 400 mesh and even more than 800 mesh powder products demand is far greater than supply, and Raymond mill only used as a rough machining equipment.
2.low yield, higher energy consumption 
Countries are more strict to the requirement of energy conservation and environmental protection in recent years, and put forward a "clean production" to the enterprise production requirements, the comprehensive performance of traditional Raymond mill disadvantage in this increasingly highlighted.
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