What is the processing process of heavy calcium powder Raymond mill?

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The demand for heavy calcium powder is diverse and has a very good development. It has a wide range of applications. For example, the heavy calcium carbonate powder produced by the Raymond mill is used as a weighting agent for tires. It can be used for whitening water-based paints and can also be used for Blast furnace sorbent and feed additives. Heavy calcium carbonate is widely used in plates, so the requirements for processing equipment are very high.
Before heavy calcium powder enters the Raymond mill for grinding, the main component of limestone and marble is calcium carbonate, and marble can be regarded as metamorphic limestone. Usually, heavy calcium powder is made of calcite. Generally speaking, we use a jaw crusher for coarse crushing, and then put it into a Raymond mill. It can only be adjusted from 100 mesh to 425 mesh, and used for many different Between industries. The improved Raymond mill has a very high output, and the speed and capacity of calcite and marble passing through the screen are high. The new Raymond mill has been considerably enhanced in terms of production and stability, and the price is reasonable. Easy to use. Raymond mill has skilled technical skills, and Raymond mill is an ideal choice for heavy calcium powder grinding.
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With the increasing application of heavy calcium powder and the continuous improvement of the market’s quality requirements for heavy calcium powder, the production technology of Raymond mills is constantly adjusted with market changes. Raymond mills must be heavy calcium powder mills. The ideal milling equipment of the system.
Raymond milling equipment is mainly composed of host, reducer, analyzer, electronic control system, etc. It is widely used in metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, building materials and other fields, and can be adapted to kaolin, talc, dolomite, fluorite, bentonite, porcelain clay Grinding of materials such as, clay and other materials. The equipment is simple to operate, and has many advantages such as small size, light weight, small footprint, high work efficiency, good processing effect, high screening rate, and adjustable fineness.
Regarding the price of the Raymond mill, we need to determine it based on the actual situation. For example: equipment quality, manufacturer's production strength, market supply and demand, equipment configuration selection, etc. Different manufacturers, quality and other prices are different. First of all, the reasons for the sudden crash of the Raymond mill are nothing more than material factors, human factors and the equipment itself. The so-called material factors mainly refer to the hardness and particle size of the material being ground. If we use the Raymond mill to grind the material that is too hard and the particle size is too large, it will increase the difficulty of the Raymond mill to grind, and cause serious wear to the roller and ring. At the same time, because materials with larger particle size and hardness are not easy to be ground to the qualified level, the residence time of the materials in the grinding cavity of the Raymond machine will be extended. When the material in the grinding cavity is accumulated too much, it is inevitable that the Raymond machine will suddenly appear The crash occurs.
Raymond mill
When the staff feeds the Raymond mill too fast and the feed amount is too much, it is easy to cause the materials to be ground in the grinding cavity and accumulate too much. In this way, when there is too much aggregate in the fine powder engine room, it will cause the Raymond machine to suddenly crash and affect the smooth progress of the grinding operation.
During the grinding process of the Raymond mill, if the wind of the fan is too low, it is not easy for the powder with qualified grinding fineness to be blown out in time. In this way, a lot of finer powder will easily block the air duct and cause the Raymond machine to suddenly crash. What is the price of this heavy calcium powder Raymond mill? You can call for further consultation.

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