Vertical Roller Mill and Raymond Mill Difference

From : clirik    Date : 2018-10-30 10:44
As we all know that both vertical roller mill and Raymond mill are the common mining use stone powder making machines, they are have lots of similarities and differences. As for the similarities, both of them use a vertical structure, and can be sued in superfine powder grinding...and so on. However, in this page, we will mainly talk about the difference between vertical roller mill can Raymond mill.

Before we talk about the difference between vertical roller mill and Raymond mill let see more basic information about them:

Vertical Roller Mill

vertical roller mill

Model: CLUM
Brand: Clirik
Can be used in more than 300 kinds of hard minerals powder making, common powder fineness made by vertical roller mill is about 3000 mesh, and at the same time, the finial powder capacity can up to 150-300 t/h.

Raymond Mill

Raymond mill

Model: YGM
Brand: Clirik
Raymond mill usually be used in including calcium carbonate, calcite, gypsum, and other almost 200 kinds of soft raw material powder making, the powder fineness made by Raymond mill can be adjusted between 50 mesh to 450 mesh, and the maximum capacity can up to 20 t/h.

Difference compare between vertical roller mill and Raymond mill

1.Powder Processing Ability

Vertical roller mill: can be used in 300 kinds of different soft and hard mineral powder grinding, such as: cement, slag and other hard material, it’s easy to process by vertical roller mill, and compare with Raymond mill the vertical roller mill has a high capacity and powder fineness grinding ability.

Raymond mill: compare with the vertical roller mill, the Raymond mill suitable for soft stone materials powder making, and the powder fineness made by Raymond mill usually has a uniform powder size, and especially good for small and medium factory to use.

2.Machine Cost

Vertical roller mill: it’s one of the new technology stone powder making machines on the market, so the price of vertical roller mill was more expensive than Raymond mill, the money you buy one vertical roller mill you can get 10-15 sets small Raymond mill. But the high price also can reduce your other cost for maintain.

Raymond mill: the Raymond mill is one of the traditional powder making machines, after long term development, the working of Raymond mill usually more stable, and the cost of Raymond mill was really cheaper, and the Raymond mill also has a pretty good efficiency.


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