8 Benefits of Raymond Roller Grinding Mill Machine

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Raymond Roller Grinding Mill Machine is the collection of medium speed high pressure roller mill and high pressure suspension grinding mill.

According to the number of rollers, Raymond Roller Grinding Mill Machine is also named three roller mill, grinding mill R4, 5 roller Raymond miller, 6 roller Raymond mill pulverizer.

In the field of industrial grinding, Raymond mill pulverizer is the ideal equipment for grinding fineness between 30 mesh and 500 mesh. Under the action of high pressure spring, power consumption does not increase, the grinding force is large. Since it rotates at medium speed, the vibration is not great and it is one of the stable equipment of the grinding mill machines. The Raymond mill machine with a special device can also process coarse powder with a humidity below 6%, so it has a wide range of applications.
Raymond mill pulverizer
Raymond Mill Pulverizer

Eight Advantages of Raymond Mill Pulverizer

  1. 1. High grinding efficiency and low energy consumption. Shredded materials from Raymond mill machine have 20-50% less unit energy consumption than general crushing and grinding equipment, which saves energy and reduces emissions, and has higher economic benefits.
  2. 2. Good wear resistance of all parts. The wear-resistant parts of the CLIRIK sprayer are made of high hardness and high wear resistance materials, and the wear resistance is more than 1.5 times that of normal wear parts. This combination of wear resistant abrasive rollers, abrasive rings and other components is suitable for softer materials such as concrete and also for harder materials such as iron ore. Strong polishing ability and wide range of applications. At the same time, it saves time for component replacement and equipment maintenance, and greatly improves the production capacity and service life of the equipment.
  3. 3. Raymond mill machine can process materials that contain water. Traditional mills have strict requirements on the moisture content of the materials. The Raymond mill pulverizer can process materials with a water content of less than 6%. Due to the high-speed rotation of the grinding roller and grinding ring, the temperature generated in the grinding chamber can evaporate the water on the material and pass it through a bag filter or pulse dust collector Drain moisture from the air. Complete the separation of water and dust.
  4. 4. The Raymond mill machine is compact in structure, small in size and light in weight, convenient for system modification, convenient for operation and maintenance, and easy to carry out automatic operation and monitoring of the mill.
  5. 5. Good sealing effect and low noise. The Raymond mill pulverizer adopts the rolling mill crushing principle, the roller device, and each part of the bearing is sealed with 3-5 layers, which can almost penetrate the important parts of the powder, to protect the normal operation. of the team. Thanks to the good sealing effect of all parts of the whole machine, the dust will not scatter and affect the air quality. The degree of noise transmission is also reduced.
  6. 6. With large grinding capacity, Raymond miller can replace coarse powder mills and is also an expert in medium and fine powder grinding equipment. Ideally, it can grind the 100 mesh-325 mesh requirement, and the 30 mesh-100 mesh grinding requirement can also be realized with a special device. The dust sorting device can also be replaced to grind 325-500 mesh fine dust. Wide range of grinding finenesses.
  7. 7. Reduce unnecessary energy consumption and enrichment costs. In view of the impact of lean ore, lean ore and off-surface ore on the quality of iron ore, more than 50% of the tailings should be disposed of before the iron ore grinding process to improve the quality. of iron ore. Mineral In this way, the crushing capacity can be doubled. 
  8. 8. Adopt high pressure spring device. Ordinary pulverizers are based on hard grinding, while high pressure spring pulverizers have small expansion and contraction under spring action and high pressure inertia, which can grind materials with higher capacity and increase production.

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