Repair and Maintenance of Stone Raymond Mill

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Application of Stone Raymond Mill
Clirik Stone Raymond Mill used to grind barite, calcite, potash feldspar, talcum, limestone and slag below scale 7 of Moth’s hardness. The final product size is adjustable on the required in the range of 100-425 meshes.
Factors Influencing Stone Raymond Mill Capacity
Major factors affecting the capacity of any given Raymond roller Mill include desired fineness, grindability and initial moisture.
The Stone Raymond Mill, when equipped with a variable speed mill drive, can be used in applications requiring adjustable capacity. This allows the user to match product rate with downstream process requirements, thereby reducing the operating and maintenance problems associated with frequent starts.
Repair and Maintenance of Stone Raymond Mill
1. Prior to installation of the equipment, all the people who will be assigned to operate the equipment have to be technically trained to know the principle and rules of operation. Someone should be specially selected and put in charge of the operation.
2. After a period of usage, the equipment should be checked, to replace worn-and-torn parts such as rollers, rings and shovels. Be sure to fasten connecting-bolts, nut collars to fix rollers properly. Be sure to lubricate the parts sufficiently.
3. Roller should be replaced after 500-hours use. To check bearing in them and replace broken ones, and then fill enough oil and grease (with oil-pump or grease-gun).
4. To ensure normal operation of the equipment, a manual containing strict rules and procedures for its operation, maintenance and repair should be well prepared and followed. Tools, replacement parts for maintaining, repairing and lubricating oil and grease must be available for immediate use.

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