What Raymond Mill Industry Should do with Economic Slowdown

From : clirik    Date : 2014-12-08 09:36
December 2 morning, Beijing news, foreign media pointed out that China for the construction of skyscrapers, mineral resources needed to produce the desire to build a bridge leading to the car and key commodity prices and yields soared in the past decade, and now , exporters of these commodities are being felt a heavy blow to China's economic slowdown this boom.
Worst affected a large exporter such as Australia and Brazil, while Guinea, Indonesia and Mongolia is rich in resources, mineral exports have high proportion of the national economy and employment in various aspects, such as the impact is enormous.

Currently, the country's main ore more provided by imports, limited domestic ore reserves, and the price is more expensive, we are exposed to a lot of domestic ore ore business customers do have greatly affected the economic slowdown, many coastal areas ore processing industry stagnated, with the most recent major policy countries also have a great impact, the state clearly the requirements of environmental protection, requires that all low capacity, high energy consumption, high pollution enterprises disappear in 2015, but as the ore powder processing enterprises, is the focus of rectification. Therefore, the domestic ore powder for Raymond mill processing equipment industry has put forward higher requirements, not only requires low energy consumption, production, and environmental protection has become a factor in the first reference.
In China's Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and other places, because of the rich mineral resources, ore powder processing for natural advantages, many customers began to move on the mainland, turning these less developed, and because local policy issues for the environmental protection requirements are not so strict region.

Raymond mill should change its current models to deal with economic slowdown. If any questions, please feel free to contact us. 

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