What Cause Raymond Mill Price Fluctuate?

From : clirik    Date : 2014-12-05 10:09
In 2013, the world economy was attacked by a "dark storm" of financial crisis. The various sectors are relatively weak, especially in the cement industry, steel industry, which make milling industry is also affected, and even historic Raymond mill was also a huge trauma, it is constantly fluctuating prices, and even some well-known companies are in the "zero profit" of Raymond sales market fight. But in 2014 China's economic situation has slowly signs of rejuvenation. It began to smooth and orderly development, a new round of investment and sales approaching, inevitably the price for Raymond mill is a disturbance and volatility.
With the development of the 2014 mine production industry direction toward high-performance, low-cost, non-polluting, energy-saving direction, Raymond mill price is even more changes in the follow. Performance of traditional Raymond mill has been really understand users praise, and this year the new Raymond mill production and the introduction is to bring a new round of sales growth.
After the launch of the new Mercury Rick Raymond mill, its price fluctuations are affected to some degree, compared to previous years, prices rose by 8.5%, but this did not affect sales, but with an increase of 40 percent compared to previous years, and there are many in the demand for customer orders are manufactured in addition to ultra-fine milling machines, micro-grinding, high pressure grinding is constantly growing heart.
There are many reasons of Raymond mill price fluctuations:
1. different Raymond mill models, this is nothing to say, different roles, different models, prices will vary, so buyers at the time of purchase must be selected according to their needs.
2, according to the material of Raymond mill, it is crafted from steel made, hence the price fluctuations Raymond mill steel prices vary by.
3. Select a different Raymond mill brand, Raymond mill price naturally big difference. This is a matter of course, whether from big brands such as quality or aftermarket give you protection, both will cause price fluctuations.

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