How to Estimate the Cost of Raymond Mill to Avoid Invisible Consumption?

From : clirik    Date : 2017-07-25 10:19
How to estimate the cost of Raymond mill? Production cost is related to the quotation of equipment. If the customers can approximately estimate the cost, he can avoid many invisible consumption. Invisible consumption is commonly existed in fast moving consumption industry, so does in mining equipment.

Why same type Raymond mill will exist price difference? Firstly, the texture selection of equipment is different, different texture has different price, for example, the price of wear-resisting high manganese steel is higher than general steel. Secondly, there exists cost consumption difference of manufacturing, such as worker salary, utility bills and rental house fees. Thirdly, there exists price difference between manufacturer and distributor, because the distributor has no solid firms, whose selling price is far more higher than manufacturers.

When buying Raymond mill, what invisible consumption should be taken into consideration? The most serious problem is to buy Raymond mill with bad quality, thus you can not runs smoothly and damage a lot. The Raymond mill can work but has bad quality and many bugs, which adds the maintenance cost especially the easy wearing parts such as grinding roller and ring.

We should learn to estimate manufacturing production cost of Raymond mill to avoid invisible consumption. Firstly, you should get hang of all industry and then pay more attention to the manufacturing texture, manufacturing scale and after sales service. Last but not least, you could investigate the factory by yourself.

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