Raymond Mill Promote the Development of the Cement Industry

From : clirik    Date : 2014-11-14 10:30

Undoubtedly, cement play an important role in building projects. Cement industry’s degree of development, also indicates a certain degree of technological capabilities and speed of country’s economic development. Traditional cement industry is notoriously heavy polluting industries, the production technology and the yield are far behind the well-known foreign cement industry.
raymond mill
Due to the lack of advanced crushing and grinding processing equipment in traditional cement production, so the level of technology is severely limited, and gradually widened the gap with international standards. With the improved version of raymond mill, whether in cement or clinker raw material processing, production capacity has been greatly improved. Mining of raw materials-broken-prehomogenization-ingredients-petroleum coke dryer grinding and drying-storage of raw material powder homogenization-calcining-crushing a clinker cooler-homogenizing a clinker storage-ingredients-grinding-homogenizing a cement storage-shipment, It is stored in various sectors have strengthened the homogenization, making products higher yields and lower costs.
In addition, raymond mill used advanced dust collector, it can greatly reduce dust pollution, so that the traditional polluting industries toward green direction.
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