What Is The Difference Between Raymond Mill and Ball Mill

From : clirik    Date : 2016-11-03 08:10
As we all know, Raymond Mill and Ball Mill are the machines of grinding. But there are also have some difference between them, and I will introduce it here. There are mainly four parts:

First, the output of Raymond Mill and Ball Mill. Output of Raymond Mill is 30t/h, however the output of Ball Mill is 200t/h. So, as you can see, output of Raymond Mill is smaller than Ball Mill.

ball mill

Second, output size of Raymond Mill And Ball Mill. The powder which product by Raymond Mill is more finer than Ball Mill, the output size of Raymond Mill is 80-325mesh; as for Ball Mill, the output size of it, is 0 to several mm.

Third, Ball Mill is more expensive than Raymond Mill. Take Shanghai Clirik Machinery for instance, the price of Raymond Mill is about 70 thousand yuan(RMB), and the price of Ball Mill is about 90 thousand yuan(RMB). (NOTE: Its quoted price is just for example, we have many type of machines with different prices.)

Raymond mill

Finally, working principle of Raymond Mill And Ball Mill is different. So, Ball Mill have a larger output, but the Raymond Mill devoted to the fineness.

That's all about diffierence in Raymond Mill and Ball Mill, if you want to know more about Raymond Mill, please leave your question in our website.

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