The Standard Operating Procedure of Raymond mill

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    Before operating the Raymond mill, all the access doors should be closed tight. than check the gap of crusher palatal plate feed the particle size or not and adjust the analytic engine speed in order to make finished product size to approximate requirements. Finally turn on the machine according to the right order.
Raymond mill
The started sequence should as follows:
1.Starting up the bucket elevator
2.Starting up the jaw crusher
3.Starting up the analytic engine after putting the materials in crusher
4.Starting up blower(starting with empty load, load after normal operation)
5.Starring up main engine of Raymond mill, meanwhile turn on the electromagnetic vibrating feeder.
Start: elevator-crusher-analytic engine-blower-main engine-feeder.
The closed sequence should as follows:
1. Stopping feeder
2. Stopping main engine a minuter later
3. Stopping blower after cleared the left powder
4. Stopping analytic engine 
Close: feeder-main engine-blower-analytic engine
Remarks:  after elevator transport enough materials to hopper, stop crusher before stopping the elevator and this sequence should be change by the storage capacity.

Raymond mill not allow refuel at will during normal work, in order to ensure production safety. If any parts or abnormal noise occurs, or load suddenly increases, it is necessary to stop the machine immediately and check it, troubleshoot, so as to avoid major accidents. Then continue to turn on the machine must remove excess stock, otherwise it will affect to start it when the current is too large.

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