Advantages of the New Type Raymond Mill

From : clirik    Date : 2019-03-12 14:56
Raymond mill is rarely seen in daily life, but its results can be displayed in front of us, such as chemical, smelting, building materials, mineral powder, etc., can be used to manufacture a variety of industrial supplies. .

Due to the lack of environmental awareness in traditional powder processing, it has caused certain pollution to the links. In order to improve people's living environment and enhance environmental awareness, Clirik has made every effort to develop a technologically advanced energy-saving and environmentally friendly Raymond mill to bring to the majority of powder customers. To have a different production experience, it has the following advantages.

Raymond mill

1. Energy Saving

The design of the new Raymond mill is more rational, and the design of the grinding roller is more reasonable. The material can be fully ground with a small amount of energy, and the plugging rate can reach 99%, which is more energy-saving than the traditional Raymond mill. .

2. Environmental Protection

Dust removal system is advanced in technology. Due to the high fineness of the material after grinding, it is easy to fly and pollute the environment, which has certain damage to the human body. In order to avoid this phenomenon, Red Star technicians use dust removal facilities with more advanced technology. Bring dust to the production site.


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