How to maintain the vulnerable parts for Raymond Mill?

From : clirik    Date : 2020-04-27 09:06
When the Raymond mill equipment is used, it is necessary for some personnel to operate the caretaker and have a certain understanding of the equipment. Raymond milling machine has good production effect, and the equipment accessories are all high-quality accessories, and the daily maintenance is necessary. The main accessories of Raymond Mill are grinding ring, grinding roller and other accessories. The grinding ring is a wearing part, and the maintenance of these two accessories is indispensable.
One of the reasons for the vibration of the main body of the Raymond mill is abrupt, normal operation, and a large vibration occurs after the sudden feeding. For this sudden vibration phenomenon, it is necessary to check whether the hardness of the material is too high. If an abnormal situation occurs, it is necessary to shut down and check. However, during the long-term use of Raymond Mill, the anchor bolts may loosen due to long-term vibration, thus irregular vibrations occur, and the main engine wears out for a long time, causing the main engine and the transmission device to have different axes. Or long-term wear of the grinding roller grinding ring, these may cause wear.
Raymond mill
Industrial machinery has slight vibrations during use, especially for crushers and mills, impact grinding to achieve the crushing and grinding of materials, so vibrations inevitably occur during the use of mechanical components. This vibration is also a regular vibration, and the mechanical parts are also doing regular movements. After using the vertical mill for a period of time, it should be repaired, and the wearing parts of the grinding ring should be replaced. The rolling bearings in the roller sleeve must be cleaned, and the damaged parts should be replaced in time.
Raymond Mill is widely used in mills, and its energy saving, stability and reliability have been recognized by users. The wind power system is very important in the Raymond mill powder selection system, which has a greater impact on output and quality. If the after-wind phenomenon appears to be detrimental to normal production, explain the problem to Raymond mill manufacturers.
Why is there a residual wind in the production process of Raymond Mill? Here are answers from four aspects:
1. During the feeding process, the materials are relatively loose, which is related to the materials themselves, and the air between the materials will bring residual wind as they enter the Raymond mill.
2. Within a period of production, Raymond Mill will produce a certain amount of heat in the province. The internal temperature is nearly thirty degrees higher than the outside, and the material will be dried to a certain degree. The evaporation of internal moisture generates steam , Which led to the after wind
3. The temperature of the system fluid increases, and the entire fluid expands in volume due to the temperature increase
4. The internal loop of Raymond Mill is under negative pressure. When the feed port, maintenance door, discharge port, large cyclone separator, and pipe port are not tightly sealed, residual air will also be generated.
Raymond mill
It can be seen from the above four points that during the production process of Raymond Mill, the system air volume will inevitably increase. At this time, it can be seen that the total capacity is constant, and the generation of residual wind will cause the internal pressure to increase, which is certain. At the same time, it leads to the quality and output of the finished product of Raymond Mill. At this time, the excess air volume should be removed through the dust removal of the residual air pipe. At this time, the bag-type dust collector should be used to discharge the dust.

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