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Pyrophyllite Raymond Grinding Mill

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Product description:Pyrophyllite Raymond Grinding Mill:Input Size : 35 mm Output Size : 80- 600 mesh Capacity : 1-25 t/h Application : suitable for grinding and processing non-metallic minerals with mohs hardness less than 7 and humidity less than 6.
Product Details of Pyrophyllite Raymond Grinding Mill:
Input Size: ≤35 mm
Output Size: 80- 600 mesh
Capacity: 1-25 t/h
Application: suitable for grinding and processing non-metallic minerals with moh's hardness less than 7 and humidity less than 6.
Applicable materials: pyrophyllite, limestone, dolomite, dolomite, calcite, marble, talc, fluorite, gypsum stone, and other materials.

Pyrophyllite Raymond Grinding Mill


Pyrophyllite is a layered hydrated aluminosilicate clay mineral. It has a variety of shapes, such as leaf-like, fibrous, etc., and its color is usually light blue, white, or gray.
Pyrophyllite is usually used in ceramics, chemicals, building materials, metallurgy, environmental protection and other industrial fields because of its insulation, acid resistance, low thermal conductivity, high melting point and high specific heat.
Pyrophyllite is an important raw material for the manufacture of refractory materials, ceramic materials, and white cement. 


The texture of pyrophyllite is relatively fine and low in hardness. CLIRIK's Raymond Grinding Mill is an ideal processing equipment for pyrophyllite.

Performance characteristics of Pyrophyllite Raymond Mill

1. Capacity increased by 30- 50% compared to the similar mill such as 1700 type and 1500 type;
2. Energy consumption reduced by 40%. The best choice for large powder grinding project.
3. Low investment, high efficiency, low carbon, high degree of automation reliable performance and easy maintenance.

4. The structure is designed in a three-dimensional form. The design is novel and special, which is convenient for installation, operation and maintenance. It has complete functions and can form a certain independent pyrophyllite grinding powder production line system.
5. The grinded pyrophyllite has a uniform particle size, the particle size can be adjusted at will, and the shape is complete.
6. The bearing seat is designed as an advanced integral cast steel structure, made of high-quality materials, durable, reliable in quality, and has a long service life.
7. Special design of intelligent automatic control system, high degree of automation, unmanned operation on site, saving manpower and material resources investment costs.
8. The overall grinding cost is very low, the processing capacity for pyrophyllite is large, the strength is high, and the output and production efficiency are very high.
9. Low dust, low noise and low vibration. The production process is more green, low-carbon and environmentally friendly.

Structure of Pyrophyllite Raymond Grinding Mill

The main structure of the pyrophyllite mill includes the main engine, fan, analyzer, fine powder cyclone separator and air duct. Among them, the host includes frame, blade, grinding rollers, cover, air inlet volute, grinding ring, and so on.

Structure of Pyrophyllite Raymond Grinding Mill

Working Principle:

The main working process of the pyrophyllite mill is to drive the central shaft to rotate through the transmission device. The upper end of the central shaft is connected to a plum blossom frame. The frame is equipped with a grinding roller device and forms a swing fulcrum. It not only revolves around the center, but also the grinding roller revolves around the grinding ring. At the same time, the grinding roller itself rotates due to friction. The lower end of the plum blossom frame is equipped with a shovel system, which is located at the lower end of the grinding roller. During the same rotation of the shovel and the grinding roller, the material is shoveled and fed between the rings of the grinding roller to form a cushion layer, which is produced by the rotation of the grinding roller The outward centrifugal force grinds the material, that is to say, the purpose of milling is achieved.

Parameter of Pyrophyllite Raymond Grinding Mill

Model Grinding Diameter(mm) Input Size(mm) Output Size(mesh) Power(KW) Capacity(t/h) Overall Dimension(mm)
YGM9720 970 20 80-600 97 1.5-7.5 8200*6010*7200
YGM1280 1280 20 80-600 145 2-10 8500*7500*8200
YGM1300 1300 20 80-400 222 2-14 10100*9300*8330
YGM1620 1620 30 80-400 322 2.5-18 10250*8090*10510
YGM1720 1720 35 80-325 442 6-30 12500*12250*10400
YGM2150 2150 35 80-325 572 12-40 12000*11600*11000

More about Pyrophyllite


Pyrophyllite composition:

Pyrophyllite often contains mechanical mixtures such as quartz and sericite, and contains impurities such as iron oxide, calcium oxide, magnesium oxide, and potassium oxide. The chemical formula of pyrophyllite is Al2Si4H2012 and the structural formula is Al2[Si4O10(OH)2]. The theoretical chemical composition of AI203 content is 28.3%, SiO2 content is 66.7%, and H2O content is 5.0%.

Pyrophyllite properties:

Pyrophyllite is generally white, gray, light blue, light yellow, light green and greenish brown; transparent to translucent; pearly luster on fresh surface; oily feeling when touched; hardness 1.5; specific gravity 2.65~2.90g/cm3; melting point 1700°C.

Pyrophyllite uses:

Pyrophyllite is widely used as an admixture for refractory materials, ceramics, building materials, glass fibers, insecticides, molecular sieves, and rubber due to its insulation, acid resistance, low thermal conductivity, high melting point and high specific heat. , Paper, paint, plastics, candy, medicine, etc., in addition to synthetic diamonds, petroleum, electrical, etc. also have applications; it can also be used as high-level paving stones.
Pyrophyllite is used in refractories
Pyrophyllite contains silicon dioxide and aluminum trioxide. It does not melt when heated. It is a raw material for the manufacture of aluminum silicate refractories. Due to the wide range of refractory materials, it is necessary to add some other characteristic minerals to the pyrophyllite mineral material to form a new refractory material; if the mullite mineral material is added, the product can improve the impact strength and density of the product , Heat resistance, refractoriness, corrosion resistance and slag resistance; adding zircon mineral as a refractory material, this refractory material has good durability, and has strong corrosion resistance to metals and slag.
Ceramic industry
Pyrophyllite is used in the ceramic industry
Pyrophyllite mineral materials have high mechanical strength, good heat resistance, high whiteness, and small shrinkage at high temperatures. The addition of pyrophyllite to the ceramic blank can reduce the firing temperature, shorten the drying time, increase the firing strength, and reduce glaze defects. The ceramic courtyard is beautiful and is a good raw material for making ceramics.
Pyrophyllite used as insecticide carrier
Pyrophyllite powder has the characteristics of high whiteness, mostly flaky particles, small bulk density, good fluidity, medium adsorption, low hygroscopicity, dispersibility, general wettability, good suspension and partial acidity, etc. It can meet the requirements of pesticides and insecticides for bulk density, adsorption, suspension and acidity of fillers (carriers).
Paint industry
Pyrophyllite is used as paint filler
Pyrophyllite can meet the color, hiding power, reinforcement and suspension requirements of coatings for fillers; at the same time, it can also meet the reinforcement performance of composite plastics for fillers and give special functions (such as stagnation) requirements.
Solid sealing and pressure transmission materials
Pyrophyllite is used for pressure transmission and sealing medium
Pyrophyllite molecular layers are easy to slide and cause creep, and the hardness itself is low, and it has relatively low shear strength and good electrical and thermal insulation. It is cheap and easy to obtain. It is often used as a pressure transmission sealing medium in the high-pressure synthesis industry. Raw materials are widely used.
The translucent pyrophyllite with beautiful color and pattern, waxy or pearly luster, is a valuable raw material for carving crafts, such as Shoushan stone, bluestone, bloodstone, frozen stone and so on. The works of art include incense burners, smoking accessories, beads, seals, stone figurines, vases, decorative stones, etc., with bright colors, dazzling brilliance, no cracks, high strength, moderate hardness, good transparency, and less impurities.
Paper industry
Pyrophyllite is used as a filler in papermaking
Pyrophyllite is used as a paper-making filler, which can increase the density, smoothness, uniformity, softness and printability of paper.
Pyrophyllite is used for plastic rubber filler
Pyrophyllite is used in candy filler
Pyrophyllite can also be used for plastic and rubber fillers; fillers and brighteners for white cotton cloth and fireproof cloth; fillers and lubricants for candy and medicine; cosmetic ingredients; raw materials for enamel glaze; admixtures for welding rods; colored pencil cores with pyrophyllite, Can increase the slippery when writing.

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