Work Safety Promotes Clirik Bigger and Stronger

From : clirik    Date : 2014-12-31 10:31

With the new "Safety Law" the official promulgation and implementation, everyone tries to learning, practicing, defending it to create a shared security welfare. Safe production to an individual, a community, to the entire enterprise and social security issues are big issues related to product safety and quality. It is a big problem related to the production of human life and property safety so that it must not be blind to dereliction of duty.
Shanghai Clirk Machinery Co., Ltd. hold safe production meeting to respond positively to the national laws and policies and guidelines on safe production, improving safety awareness of all employees, enhancing employee safety in production operations, strengthening of production safety supervision and managing the production of every detail, every aspect of the start, resolutely exclude and eliminate safety hazards, in order to protect life and property safety of employees and protect the quality and safety of their products.
To achieve safe production going from several aspects, the first production line is to raise safety awareness and related staff leadership, and has nothing to do with the production of goods to be processed in time for the workshop and the surrounding security risks exist, and that may occur security incidents are taking place to have a clear mind and response measures.
Secondly, the workshop staff skills training, including safety equipment lathes, engineering vehicles, standardized operation, troubleshooting, not only to be able to skillfully use but also a good operating habits and reduce accidents.
In addition, illegal operation for illegal presence in the production process to be carried out in a timely manner that the criticism and education, conduct safety training and equipment operator training norms as necessary for serious violations of illegal operations to be personal capacity and quality audits and job competency review timely adjustments to avoid greater production safety accidents.
Finally, it is necessary security alarm bells ringing and the necessary safety lectures and exercises, regular inspection and maintenance of fire fighting equipment safety circuit wires, protect the production of every little detail.
Only pay attention to safety can be possible to achieve high-quality products and protect the vital interests of employees. Security problems are often due to poor production processes and operations resulting from the production of products are often difficult to achieve high-quality and high-level .


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