How to use Raymond mill correctly?

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Matters needing attention when using Raymond mill in summer

The emergence of Raymond Mill accelerated the development of the stone mill industry and brought convenience to our production and life.

In order for Raymond Mill to continue to bring you benefits, regular maintenance is very important.
Today, the CLIRIK milling engineer will list the issues that need to be paid attention to when using Raymond mills in summer.
The YGM high-pressure Raymond mill has been fine-tuned both externally and internally, and incorporates new technologies, so the efficiency of production and processing is relatively high.

YGM high-pressure Raymond mill

The performance of the Raymond pulverizer is also very stable, but in the hot summer, users do not know whether the operation of the Raymond pulverizer will be affected. Generally speaking, in extreme weather, mechanical equipment will be affected to a certain extent, but the impact is related to the quality of the equipment.

Therefore, the Raymond mill will also have an impact in summer. We must take protective measures. In order to ensure the stable operation of the Raymond mill.
In summer, what we should pay attention to is to arrange the working hours of Raymond mills reasonably, because the heat dissipation speed in summer slows down, and the equipment will be affected if the equipment is operated for a long time without rest. In severe cases, it may cause the motor to burn out, and It is necessary to pay attention to the particle size and hardness of the materials. Materials that do not meet the requirements will also cause wear to the Raymond mill, which will make it in an overloaded operation state, which is very unfavorable to the production operation of the Raymond mill.

How to avoid the phenomenon of rust in the Raymond mill?

When the Raymond mill is working, if the equipment is often in contact with humid air, it is easy to rust. When the mill is rusted, it will not only accelerate the aging of the equipment, but also reduce its use. Life and performance. For this phenomenon, what we have to do is to remove rust in time and do anti-rust operations to ensure the service life and performance of the Raymond mill. So what should we do?
1. Derusting operation
For the Raymond mill, when we are derusting it, we can choose different methods according to different equipment. For example, a small mill can use a small air or electric method to remove rust. This The principle used at the time is mainly to use electricity or compressed air as the power for rust removal to achieve the purpose of rust removal; for large mills, high-pressure water abrasive methods can be used to remove rust. Its principle is to use high-pressure water jets. The impact effect achieves the purpose of rust removal.
2. Anti-rust operation
The so-called anti-rust operation refers to the operation of preventing the equipment from rusting during the use of the Raymond mill. Generally, it is to isolate the contact with the outside humid air to achieve the purpose of rust prevention. You can also apply a layer of waterproof paint, and regularly check whether the paint falls off during production. When there is falling off, you need to add it in time; if conditions permit , The mill can be placed indoors for production. If there are no conditions, the mill needs to be placed in a dry environment. When there is heavy rain, the production should be stopped, and the Raymond mill should be rain-proof. , To avoid the phenomenon of rusting the equipment caused by rain.

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