How Effective Raymond Roller Mill Process Fly Ash

From : clirik    Date : 2014-09-22 09:34
I believe many people are familiar with fly ash, which is left after coal combustion waste after processing can be used in building materials through production. Recently, many people come to our website to consult the case of fly ash processing, mainly asking how effective Raymond roller mill process fly ash.
Fly ash relatively low hardness, using a Raymond roller mill machining is no problem. Fly ash is currently used for production of building materials, general requirements fineness of between 100-200 mesh, Raymond roller mill is most suitable machine to grinding them. 
Currently, our company launched the Raymond mill and Raymond roller mill machines for processing fly ash, the largest model 7r large equipment, which has seven roller, which is a leader in mill production industry. Raymond roller mill when machining large ash production can reach 30 tons or more, fully meet the needs of large-scale production users. 
The company has a factory machine equipment Raymond roller mill spot, the user can come to my company site visits to buy equipment. We also warmly welcome you to try the band material processing, production capacity and then see for Raymond roller mill machine decide whether to buy equipment.

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