Gypsum Raymond Roller Mill Processing Equipment

From : clirik    Date : 2014-10-13 09:19
Recently, many gypsum powder processing user asked their Raymond roller mill some related issues. Raymond roller mill for processing effect of gypsum powder is better, the material finished fineness is high and uniform, and the through screening rate can reach more than 90%.
Currently, there are many kinds of gypsum powder fineness on the market. The commonly used is around 100-200 mesh, also 300-500 mesh. For gypsum powder processing 200 mesh using Raymond roller mill on it, a Taichung 200 mesh type gypsum powder production equipment can reach about 5-8 tons. 
For the finished fineness over 500, Raymond roller mill is not appropriate, you can use our company product HGM series micro powder grinding mill, the device is a fine powder and high yield, medium-sized processing equipment 325-3000mesh. The purpose of gypsum powder production can reach about 0.5-12t/h. 
Processing different fineness gypsum powder can choose different devices. Compared to other kinds of grinding equipment, Raymond roller mill more energy-saving, high cost, but the limited processing capacity, which is suitable for less demanding on the fineness of the processing enterprises.

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